IPER Syllabi

IPER scholars are leaders in teaching and research at leading global institutions of higher learning. Academic instruction in subject areas such as political science, economics, geography, area studies, international development, and natural resource development adds to our collective understanding of the nexus of politics and economics in matters concerning resources. Join us by adding syllabi for IPER-related courses.


from Dr. Ana Carolina Gonzalez
Corporate Social Responsibility in the Extractive Industries
Public Policy in the Mining Sector

from Dr. Kathleen Hancock
International Political Economy- Fall 2013/2014
Power & Politics in Eurasia- Spring 2014

from Dr. John Heilbrunn
Natural Resources & Development- Spring 2014
Natural Resources & War in Africa- Spring 2010

from Dr. Pinar Ipek
Energy Security & Foreign Policy- Fall 2014

from Dr. Emily Meierding
Energy Geopolitics- Spring 2012

from Dr. Varun Rai
Political Economy of Global Energy- Fall 2014

from Dr. David Victor
The International Politics of Energy Policy- Spring 2015